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A Deep Blue Abyss (The Mill Meacham Stories Book 1) - Kindle edition by Carson A. Pierce. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. The book and the main character are like onions; peel off one layer and there's another waiting. As is too rare, Mill is a well thought out rounded character as are .

Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. New Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. North America. Not a single one of them looked like a rock star. Which is exactly how ARS wanted it. As Willie G. Moseley notes, the band was always more about chops than image, which is why they faded off the charts in the MTV age. The entrepreneur is Buddy Buie, a Dothan-bred scrapper b. ARS congealed out of the session musicians Buie and Cobb hired. The focus is a wonderful reminder, however, that popular music is a craft, not a lifestyle or a morality tale.

By the s, as the group hemorrhages original members and devolves into a secondary market mainstay touring state festivals, biker rallies, and cruise ships, chapters feel like laundry lists of hired guns and roadies. And while ARS still exists today fronted by original keyboardist Dean Daughtry the only continuous member and initial vocalist Rodney Justo who quit in , time inevitably takes its toll.

African American Childhoods

Singer Ronnie Hammond the voice on the hits , bassist Paul Goddard, and drummer Robert Nix all passed away between and The irrepressible Buie, celebrated as a local hero in Dothan with a colorful mural, died at his beloved Eufaula retreat in His passing makes this worthy tribute to a group that always let its musicianship do its talking all the more poignant. Substantial evidence pertaining to the convoluted case was prohibited and never voluntarily disseminated to the Whitehurst family, which in retrospect, created a difficult time for the family to put in perspective.

Within this captivating narrative, Dickson illustrates the ways in which this controversial case came to be a conundrum of sorts, as he delves deeper into his research through interviews, police reports, and judicial documents.

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Through a laborious pursuit of the truth, Dickson meticulously uncovers the sobering, untold story on behalf of the Whitehurst family. This astounding work recalls a time in history when racially charged comments and actions were far more prominent than today, and appallingly, taken as a matter of course in daily life. The Whitehurst family was at a disadvantage, to say the least, to seek justice against the perpetrator who left their guiltless loved one lifeless. Bernard Whitehurst Jr. The family finally received a formal and long-overdue apology in the summer of Despite the darkness and despair endured from such an inconceivable event, this gripping saga closes with the celebratory tribute that took place in to honor the life and legacy of Bernard Whitehurst Jr.

His unique and image-rich style will impel readers of all races and creeds to take an intimate look into a period of notorious inequality. Dickson delivers his content precisely, leaving the reader with a clear and well-organized interpretation of the events as they took place. The structure of the text itself allows the reader to easily follow the storyline of the case.

Potentially, the vast collection of political names and dates during the political period may confuse and overwhelm readers, possibly diverting from the narrative itself. His resourcefulness and the care with which he handles his material goes to considerable, and admirable, lengths in affording Bernard Whitehurst Jr. Alabama is a river state. Forces of nature and human activities have profoundly shaped our rivers, and whether or not we appreciate it, our rivers are now shaping us.

So declares author Bill Deutsch, near the beginning of the enchanting — and, to anyone who professes to love Alabama, downright essential — Alabama Rivers: A Celebration and Challenge. In hands less intimately engaged in the subject matter and a voice less engrossingly knowledgeable, this book might have been a pedestrian recitation of facts and statistics, dressed up with a sprinkling of anecdotal garnish.

comevisitalbuquerque.com/wp-content/magasin-zithromax-500mg-livraison-internationale.php People divide , water connects , he writes, culminating an overview of the role of rivers in the evolution of commercial activities, population growth, flood control and the development of hydropower, recreation and tourism and public health. Documenting the necessary interactions of government, the free market and civil society, and the positive and negative impacts of those interactions on politics and policies affecting Alabama rivers, he strongly encourages readers to become personally involved in river-related work, which he divides into the categories of awareness and education, protection and restoration, and advocacy and policy.

The challenge is to keep rivers healthy by protecting water quality and quantity for both humans and aquatic organisms.

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Ultimately, the thread that ties together the impressive breadth of subject matter in Alabama Rivers — that keeps the current of information and entertainment flowing, so to speak — is the author himself. Deutsch has a companionable style that draws the reader in and allows the writer to casually deliver facts of sometimes startling import.

To wit:. And those are just for starters.

The Deep Blue: Antarctic Abyss

Southern Writers on Writing , edited by Susan Cushman, addresses the ever-present question of what it means to be a writer, and more specifically, what it means to be a Southern writer. The glue that holds this collection together is love, sometimes unwillingly, for the South and writing—not a wide-eyed innocent crush, but a very grown-up love that acknowledges the problems yet is still committed to the relationship. The dual nature of the South threads through the entire anthology.

Writing, like the South itself, can be a bittersweet experience. The source of this literary heritage is, by consensus, the storytelling culture of the South. John M. From the storytellers that bore us because all those that came before us were storytellers.

For all the conflict, writing is the one act that allows the South to deal with its history and present. Fiction is the truth teller. Fiction is the peacemaker. Southern Writers on Writing ends with a bit of advice for those who strive to be Southern writers.

I lived outside the South for two years and hated every minute of it…When I re-entered Alabama after that long absence, I stopped my car, got out and kissed the ground…My poetry comes out of my quarrel with myself as I grapple with the dualities of my feelings about the South, my home, my lovely, dysfunctional home—pride and shame; joy and sadness—the place from which comes both the love and rage that undergird my work. Here I am. We are together now. Since, she has published thirteen novels—more than one making the NYT bestsellers list—and four collections of short fiction.

The fifteen concise, artful essays in Dimestore are her first book-length collection of nonfiction, and the glimpses they give us into her life, the writing process, and the American South are in turn artful and funny, poignant and prophetic.

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Read the complete review …. Willie G.

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Thomas", "John F. The Battle of Dorking. Ligotti, Thomas. Bell, M. The author, retired University of Alabama English professor Ralph Voss, brings a unique perspective to his subject: Truman Capote and the legacy of in cold blood. The memoirs of Cordell Hull by Cordell Hull.

Moseley, senior writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine , has recently written an excellent history of Peavey guitars. Peavey earlier attended Ross Collins Vocational School before entering seventh grade, receiving an age-waiver because his great-uncle—the fellow who invented hydraulic lifts for automobiles though failing to get it patented, thus missing out on a fortune—was an instructor.

The kid studied mechanical drawing, radio repair, and how to operate milling machines and lathes.

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There is a good case to be made for not writing biographies until the subject is dead. Feelings are inevitably hurt. Saban did not authorize this book and sit for hours of interviews, but neither, it seems, did he actively try to squelch it. Among the Swamp People is a combination of memoir, nature writing and personal essay. Key, raised in Point Clear on Mobile Bay, writes of his nearly life-long fascination with the Mobile-Tensaw Delta at the north end of the bay.

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This is the Lower Delta, not to be confused with the Upper Delta. The Upper, he tells us, has more high ground and taller trees. The Lower is swamp. There are thousands of them….

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German Rocketeers was published by Yale University Press. Monique Laney, raised in Tuscaloosa and Germany, is now an assistant professor of history at Auburn and this book was her PhD dissertation at the University of Kansas, but do not be afraid. This book is accessible, clearly written with an easily forgivable amount of jargon, and should be of considerable interest to citizens of Alabama.

There can be few Alabamians better situated to write this book than Steve Flowers. By Wade H. Considering that the war was a four-year bloodbath with, sometimes, tens of thousands dying on the same day, it may even be an oxymoron.

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But there was, of course, humor, and veteran commentator Wade Hall, way back in a section of his doctoral dissertation in , had found and classified that humor and explained its uses for Southern soldiers, civilians on the home front, even the African-American slaves left behind. Now, for the Sesquicentennial, NewSouth has made this available. Smith Lumber Company, was born in and died in , but this memoir takes his story basically up to At that time, the W.