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Plein's choice was to go with the opportunity or pass it by. It was Plein's intuitive sensing to go with it that recognizes the potential of the evolution of style. This is the secret to his successful fashion empire. Plein's intuition seemingly connects him to the source of his creative power by providing creative access to valid perspectives within every modern style situation. He has a continuous stream of ideas, solutions and approaches always available.

Most brands, do not take advantage of their full creative potential because limited thinking patterns have set in and are blocking the view. Remember, no one ever accomplished something they believed was impossible. Billionaire is distributed worldwide while mono brand stores can be found in selected international destinations including London, Milan, Moscow, Dubai and Johannesburg.

Listed as one of the best boxers in the modern boxing scene, it holds the record for the fewest number of matches won to gain a world title in several weight classes. As a combat boot addict, I've personally dreamed of a pair drenched in crystals, so I'm pretty sure I've found my shoe soul mate. Instead of having to do the usual balancing act of mixing my favorite feminine details with chunkier lace-ups, the Billionaire Bling Boot does it for you.

Billionaire Boys Club - 5th Anniversary Crewneck Collection

Billionaire Collection (Limited Edition) - Kindle edition by Renee Constantine. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Billionaire presents an extravagant, rich wardrobe for mature men who are unafraid of who they are and who they want DISCOVER THE NEW COLLECTION.

The flight tag is the perfect callout to all your favorite streetwear brands without feeling like a billboard. I guess a boot that catches every little glint of light is the only way to do that. The first trailer for the new Charlie's Angels film has arrived, and it features Kristen Stewart kicking a lot of ass. Launching today, the makeup brand's "Pretty Different" campaign is "a manifesto that embraces pure, unapologetic individuality," per a press release, and TBH, I don't know too many other celebs who embody this so wholly.

Because being different doesn't only mean being 'weird' or going against the status quo—it means you being you. Zomnir described the new campaign as UD's "anthem for fellow makeup junkies who don't subscribe to beauty standards It's our tribute to individuality because everyone is pretty different. It's our approach to reinventing what it means to be a beauty brand.

According to the release, these five Global UD Citizens will front the brand's launches throughout the year, so there's plenty more of our favorite faces yet to come. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site: except for this possibility, at present, data concerning web contacts do not persist for more than seven days.

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