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Joy Holbrook is a market researcher about to get a sweet promotion just in time for the holidays. But she receives an urgent phone call from home and rushes. Christmas Joy (TV Movie ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

PreOrder Now. Christmas Joy. Premiered on Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas on November 3rd, Watch for it during Christmas in July this summer. Enjoy the book video for Christmas Joy.

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Now in Mass Market Paperback perfect stocking stuffer size! April 24, Press Release from Hallmark. And a movie like this is a next-level thing where you watch it with your friends, you watch it with your kids, you watch it with your parents. You know, like you said, the Hallmark brand is such a good escape. They really are. They make you feel good.

They just sort of give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Have you seen the drinking games that go along with it? You have to look it up. It's, take a sip every time a character is named after a Christmas [icon]. Take a drink every time there's a near-miss kiss, every time there's ice skating. It's really cute. I want to see a crossover movie, where characters from past Hallmark movies who had to go home over Christmas in the past get stuck in the same magical town together. And they all have Hallmark challenges, like one has to figure out if the mayor is actually really Santa Claus, and the other one has to figure out how to save the small-town toy store from the handsome but lonely businessman.

I want a crossover like you guys do in the Arrowverse.

Christmas Joy! - The GHS Combined Choirs (2013)

I try to. My husband lives in L. Most weekends, one of us is on an airplane. It's so funny, we were just emailing about that.

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Hallmark Christmas Movie Socks. We have plans for Thanksgiving. The family business is on the line to deliver tens of thousands Mel Lawrenz MelLawrenz trains an international network of Christian leaders, ministry pioneers, and thought-leaders. Edit page.

We have plans for Thanksgiving. His dad is Jewish, so Thanksgiving tends to be the bigger holiday.

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Not totally sure what we're doing for Christmas yet. It's crazy, this year has flown by. Caity [Lotz] has done an incredible job.

I think it's so great to see. There is this mentality, and I don't know where it comes from and I don't know why it exists, that there is only room enough at the table for one woman and that's just not true.

Christmas Joy

I think Shethority has hopefully really shown people that women can come together and support one another and it's really fantastic. You know what's also really fantastic? There are a lot of women in the credits now for all of the Arrowverse shows. It's incredible. I have to give huge props to Greg Berlanti because I know diversity is hugely important to him and to [producing partner] Sarah Schechter.

They are really putting their money where their mouth is and giving opportunities where they can. I wouldn't be directing this year if it weren't for Greg and our showrunner, Todd Helbing. I'm directing episode 18, which basically is the month of February. I don't even know the storyline yet but I'm so excited. Free Download.

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