ENCOUNTERS: A Lifetime Crossing Cultual Frontiers

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American frontier

Table of Contents. Related Content. Author: Elizabeth Mazzola. This examination of the fate of lost ideas after the Protestant reformation explores what might be called the pathology of the Renaissance. The first part of the book treats Spenser's Faerie Queene and Milton's Paradise Lost , concentrating on vacant cultural spaces and abandoned icons to trace the gap between sacred and secular life, between poetry and belief. The second part focuses on Shakespeare's Hamlet and Elizabeth Cary's Tragedy of Mariam to investigate the eschatological implications of this gap, the ways that history is disentangled from memory and nostalgia severed from experience.

Encounters A Lifetime Spent Crossing Cultural Frontiers

The book challenges readings of Renaissance culture as an increasingly secular one, proposing that sacred symbols and practices still powerfully organized the English moral imagination, oriented behaviors and arranged perceptions, and specified the limits of the known world. Christian Theology.

Comparative Religion. Modern Spiritual Masters. Catholicity in an Evolving Universe.

Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church. College Theology Society. American Society of Missiology. Duffy Lectures. Opera Omnia Raimon Panikkar. Theology in Global Perspective.

Cultural Production

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Few artisans settled on the frontier except for those who practiced a trade to supplement their primary occupation of farming. To counteract the impact of New York, the backdrop of many of his American poems, his hero takes refuge in a remote, imaginary, and idyllic past when Indians populated the landscape, free of the encroachment of Whites, their industrialization, and their subjugation of nature. Each edition of Frontier Imaginaries studies the encounters of grassroots and global forces through contemporary art, cultural heritage, design and theoretical contributions. Efros also restricts his account to Hebrew readers. The Hegemony of American Hebrew Culture The publication history of Mul ohel Timmura illuminates an episode in the effort to establish an American center to rival those in other parts of the world.

Spanish Language. Maryknoll Classroom Program. Crossing Cultural Frontiers. CODE: Availability: In stock. Add to Cart. Your name. Your message. Description Book Details Contents Reviews. Just as the military has long promised social mobility to immigrants and minority populations, the Border Patrol provides rare access to financial security and the privileges of full citizenship, especially for those living in rural border communities. In America, even at the individual level, citizenship politics often wins out over identity politics.

As a member of the patrol, I never witnessed anything as straightforwardly depraved as the beatings, torture, rape, and murder Grandin describes. As young trainees, my colleagues and I were taken to storied places in the desert—a remote pass where earlier generations of agents were rumored to have pushed migrants from clifftops and hidden their corpses, a stretch of road where an agent had run over a Native American lying drunk and asleep on the road, an isolated patch of scrubland where agents had force-fed smugglers fistfuls of marijuana and turned them loose to walk through the wilderness barefoot and stripped to their underwear.

The forms of violence that I observed and was complicit in were subtler—the destruction of food and water caches, a pervasive attitude of dismissal and neglect, a persistent use of dehumanizing slurs. He interrupted our work to project onto a screen at the front of the room photographs of a body he had just encountered in the desert.

In the images, he was squatting, with two thumbs up and a broad smile, beside a dead man whose flesh had rotted from his bones after months under the unforgiving sun.

thinkgoogly.net/wp-content/73.php Donald Trump can be distinguished from his predecessors, Grandin argues, because of his willingness to meet conservative and nativist demands at their logical end point—by closing off instead of moving out. By contrast, his predecessors over the past four decades each found ways of channelling aggression outward by identifying new frontiers and promising boundlessness in a shrinking world. A completed border wall, and the victory it would represent to many, is thus conveniently unattainable, allowing for the same fleeing forward that has always tugged at American history.

The rhetoric of the frontier has always had life-altering consequences for those whose lives are thrust against its edge. He accidentally boards a ship to San Francisco, while his brother, it is presumed, arrives in New York.

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And so our stoic protagonist sets out eastward across frontier America, crossing the country in reverse, against an advancing tide of settlers, explorers, and outlaws. As expected, he is engulfed by hardship, drama, and violence, but, when he finds himself in the middle of a McCarthyesque slaughter of Native Americans, he is unable to soldier on like the hardened men of so many Westerns.

Frontier Encounters

Instead, he retreats into the wilderness, where he hopes no human will ever find him, and burrows deep into the ground. But, even in his attempt to escape the violence of which he has become a part, the men he has killed stare at him in his dreams, and the rare utterances of his own voice sound monstrous. What makes the wall terrifying to so many who live along the border is, in part, the way it serves as an inescapable reminder of the brutalities and injustices that have long been unleashed upon the frontier.

The very presence of a barrier represents a profound psychological, political, ecological, cultural, and spatial reordering.