John Garang: And the Vision of New Sudan

Kiir sworn in as new Sudanese vice president
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This union can also include many of our neighbouring countries in a wider regional arrangement. It would add great value to enhance internal national unity and economic cooperation, offering a common agenda, to face the injustice worldwide.

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If Europe could need a union, what about us? Dr Garang remains a hero of all time, shared by both Sudans and a true representative of a freedom fighter who worked for equality, justice and freedom, leaving a huge impact on our modern history. We are forever grateful and indebted to him. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the author, not Radio Tamazuj. Toggle navigation.

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By Yasir Arman - 4 Aug Photo: Late Dr. John Garang.

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Thank you very much Dr Garang De Mabior for your immense contribution! John Garang? Dose those mediators knows the historical reactions to leader's humiliating? Mediators never asked themselves, reasons behind the refusal of Darfurians to sign that agreement? Suddenly the Darfurians were left alone to face consequences of New Sudan slogan, in form of great Genocidal punishments.

Some position of people of Darfur for. A- Procedural: Among these are:. B- Legal:. C- Technical:. Victims or Spoilers? Throughout the past decades, tribal skirmishes used to take place from time to time in Darfur, mostly related to conflicts between pastoralists and farmers, but when the Arabs Alliance issued their first memorandum in , with racial, political, cultural and economical dominant attitudes, they were condemned by political forces and Trade Unions and thought to be abandoned, but when the National Islamic Front NIF took power in , it secretly embraced the alliance in both Kordofan and Darfur to encounter SPLA at South Sudan boarders.

Daud Yahya Bolad as his deputy , the force accomplished victories over SAF and militants in more than 41 battles, but withdraw from Darfur due to lack of logistical supports [2]. Hassan Abdalla Alturabi reached to the conclusion that:. As a strategy, it was implemented through phases, where representatives of the Arab Alliance mobilized some Arab Countries, the outcome of which was sent to Darfur in forms of goods, which showed depth and involvements of foreign elements in present genocide. Confronted with these policies, Africans tribes reacted by starting organizing itself, some prominent Arab tribes leaders refused to get involvements in such operation, they not only condemn, rather they refused participation of their tribesmen.

To fill the gap, Arabs groups and individual were brought from West African countries, like Chad , Mali , Niger and Mauritania , all of whom were recruited into the Janjaweed. This racial division is not strange in Sudanese society, rather it was odd for an Islamic movement, hence it brought with it great hatred, appeared in the Black Book: Imbalance of Power and Wealth in Sudan , which helped in increasing awareness among Darfurians.

Since , security and human rights situations started deteriorated in Darfur , where civil societies wrote several memorandums to the president and United Nation Human rights representatives.

The Janjaweed, many of whom are foreigners, possess great authorities, they can arrest, interrogate, torture, rape, kills and they became a state within a state, these through the state blessing. While the Director of Security and Inelegance announced that, if UN intervenes in Darfur, they will start with the fifth column in Khartoum.

Three years after implementation of the CPA, the following major hurdles represent great obstacles:. What took place in Darfur represents great conspiracy, nothing justify it, unimaginable behaviors for protection are carried out, to avoid that moving sand although they are in its middle.

Without a unifier, divisions set in

By that it is violating different human known norms and regulations; and therefore both CPA and DPA could represents great tactical maneuverability to gain time. Presently in Darfur, there are more than 3, destroyed villages, more than 4,, displaced, more than , refugees in Chad, more than , refugees distributed in other countries, destroyed villages are re-occupied by New Arabs from West African Countries, members of Janjaweed were recruited into borders Guards and Armed Police, by doing so, they were transformed from having indirect authority, to possessing governmental authorities, meanwhile security is worsening at all levels [4].

When Resolution was adopted by the Security Council in , there was great expectations in Darfur, that UN and western countries could do something either through NATO intervention like it did in Bosnia, or like UN intervention in Kosovo, both cases were urgent humanitarian, cases resembling Darfur, a year has passed, the Resolution was not implemented, instead it was changed to present of July 31, , with less mandatory regarding the protection of civilians and disarmaments of Janjaweed, to an extend some start questioning capability of such 26,strong hybrid African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur UNAMID , where Khartoum is demanding that the force should be composed from Africans , like their scenario with Resolution , maybe Khartoum will succeed with their old tactics , although believers in humanity do have different idea!

Then came meetings of Darfurians Movements in Juba, where more than twelve Movements united under leadership of Ustaz Ahmad Abdulshafi Toba in December , followed by others.

The same is taken place with Misyria militants of South Kordufan , more than 1 5, armed force, broke alliances with the NCP, it happened on February , during president Al- Bashir visits to Al- Muglad. One of them told me, that as Murahilin militants, they were exploited and misused by the Governments during the past two decades, in fighting SPLA in the South, by protecting the trains along the railroads between Babanusa and Wau in Northern Bahar-Gazal and by protecting the Oil pipeline without any benefits for their people.

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As in the South, continuation of the conflect , will lead to total change in the general understanding in Western Sudan particularly the identity question, which will lead to some sort of new alliances in Western Sudan that will combined both the Darfurians and Kordofanians. Such alliance with others, will play great role in determine the area future. While, t here was several initiatives aiming at ending the war in Darfur, each mainly launched from imagined and promised interests, regardless to Darfurians interests, most of these interests are conflicting with reality in Darfur, reasons for its failures.

Because next election will determine Sudan destiny, thus the intensive participation of Darfurians and Kordufanians will accelerate that, all of which are liked with the peaceful resolution of Darfur conflect , and the choice of Darfurians to join with SPLM, which was the missing link that had prolonged the war till nineties, then accelerate peace where war was not required ; but planting human values in the Sudanese socity required that link, which will take place.

Presently the general Sudanese political environment is moving towards complexities, prediction of which will help creating the long awaiting democratic changes.

Reviving the 'New Sudan' vision

It may create new locals and regional alliances, friendship and financial promises to contain expected consequences of Darfur Genocide. Meanwhile as experiences had showed, the aspirations and hopes of marginalized people of Sudan and the democratic forces are nearly all alike, the past two decades has showed how the unity of purpose within the battlefields and negotiation tables had managed to protect and kept the Movement alive, although it was tough enough.

The Darfur peace process, and the expected democratic process in the whole Sudan could be seen as a coin with two faces, the NCP is not interest in genuine peace, because it may reduced its present absolute power, unless great pressure is exerted.

At present, Darfur and Kordufan are witnessing disintegrations and formation of new alliances; these new experiences of acquiring and rejections to some inheritances convictions could lead to formation of greater alliances based on human principles and common interests. These alliances and goals can only be achieve by the Movement, based on its moral obligations and responsibilities towards the marginalized people of Sudan, if not as protection measure, which requires working positively to achieve among others a justice peace to people of Darfur, which will reflects on Human aspects and welfares of Sudanese people.

Sudan II.

War and civil war

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