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The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time
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The Greatest Heavy Metal Bands

Anthrax had made enormous strides the previous year with Spreading the Disease and was on the cusp of becoming a top-tier act. A quarter century later, the original mix of Peace Sells has been given a spit and polish, reissued in expanded form, for old fans to revisit and hopefully new young listeners to discover like the rest of us did way back when.

Twenty-five years ago, Peace Sells… hit record stores with only minimal hype. They still had a lot of work to do. What they did have, though, was an album that made a strong first impression visually, with eye-catching artwork featuring a brilliant, vivid, unforgettable image by artist Ed Repka. Best of all was that title.

It was smart, it was cynical, it was appropriate for Reagan-era America, it was hilarious. For those of us who had not yet heard Megadeth that year, the brilliance of the artwork and title was enough to convince us to take that blind leap. Peace Sells… is always associated with its two landmark singles, and for good reason.

Structurally the track is all over the map, boasting three distinct grooves, many memorable riffs and solo after solo.

While much of the credit goes to songwriter Mustaine, the efforts of the rest of the band are what make the track work so well. Guitarist Chris Poland and drummer Gar Samuelson were experienced jazz fusion players before joining Megadeth, and it shows here as the tempo shifts are graceful, the rhythm riffs and beats strangely funk-infused for a thrash metal track. When the video was released in early , it became an MTV smash, instantly putting Megadeth on the mainstream metal map, proving an underground metal band could make a music video and emerge with its integrity intact.

Anthrax was already making videos but had no real hit until Metallica would eventually cave in with a video in , and Slayer would follow a year later. Dig past those two central tracks, however, and Peace Sells… turns out to be just as rewarding, not to mention eclectic. Fans will be pleased to know that the version we hear on this 25th anniversary reissue is the original mix by Paul Lani, but unfortunately the remaster takes things too far. What is sure to interest longtime fans more is the second disc in the new reissue, which features a full live set recorded in First, the soundboard recording is very crude, with rhythm guitars and tom-toms buried deep in the mix.

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[edit]. All songs written and composed by Dave Mustaine, except "I Ain't Superstitious" by Willie Dixon. Peace Sells is considered one of the milestones of the thrash genre for multiple reasons and picking one song on this release became a pain.

However, what the 12 song performance does very well is show just how potent a live act Megadeth was at the time. The four members might not have gotten along, but onstage they were a tight unit with something to prove.

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Mustaine, who has since become a born-again Christian, prefers not to perform those songs today. Victor Serge, a rare survivor of Stalin's Terror, had a keen, razor-sharp intelligence and made observations that are highly relevant to our troubled times.

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The first-ever collection of holiday tunes from Josh Rouse is as cool as you might expect. And you don't need to put up a tree to listen to it. You can listen to it in spring and still enjoy it. Adam Bradley's The Poetry of Pop works for what it obviously wants to be, a primer on American popular music.

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November 30, Mustaine further noted that the band was not immune to the political situation at the time and that some of his political beliefs were reflected in the songs. By the Nineties, thrash bands were straying from breakneck, double-time tempos and experimenting more with radio-friendly riffs that grooved like hard rock, but with a harder bite. Just like its title suggests, Screaming for Vengeance was all about vindication, as this was where Judas Priest proved themselves once and for all as a force to be reckoned with. Metal by iamrickyng.

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