Midwestern Gothic: Issue 7 Fall 2012

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Its wise ear for stillness, its naturalistic dialogue and production, its compelling protagonist, and its knack for humor all culminate in one of the most fascinating, exciting premiers of the year so far.

I'm Wil, and I hate whales. I also have a lot of feelings about podcasts.

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Letters, bills, postcards? Nope, empty inside. Empty inside.

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The bank? On the subway: corpses hang rotting from the handles, soft teeth ground into gingival mush, their eyeballs rolling down to mobile devices. I sit down.

savekobaru.com/wp-content I take out my newspaper and watch ants scribbling their legs across the page. Buy it. If you want.

The tantalized crayfish will then grab on with his claws and you can just pull him out, keep him in the minnow bucket, and then boil him and eat his tasty little tail. Like little macho dudes with their fists stuck out, spoiling for a fight. Okay, so this is not actually a traditional Finnish method of crayfishing.

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Finns only eat rye crackers and reindeer jerky, salted with their secret tears. Okay, I made that up, too.

Sorry, real Finns! Photo by Jeff Mitchell, June Flies zip and bang against the picture window, looking for the night out there, the rush of wind and waving trees.

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You can also look at the Google Books preview of the issue. Search for:. Plus me! All right, enough talk from me. This is every day.

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