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Pizza is a NY staples. An icon, if you will. And this place is my favorite. OhhhHH baby. Be prepared to head to the depths of Brooklyn, wait on a 45 minute line, and devour within 1 minute. Is it worth the wait?

My Little Black Book: Kelly Ryan

Hellz to the YES. His name is Mr. This pizza is made with skill, and amore. The classic, classic NYC slice. Well, the grown-up equivalent. I literally spent 8 hours straight frolicking around this place, from mid-afternoon, through sunset, to late night. And I never got bored. In the summer, this is THE spot. Every Saturday of the summer, there are live music shows on the outdoor stage, where hipsters from every nook and cranny of the city come out to jam and sip on some ice cold Brooklyn beer.

In the bar. Love is possible, people. Awesome micro-brewery in a former warehouse. Close your eyes, and remove yourself from the 21st century. Now, imagine it was Prohibition laws are in full swing, and hidden speakeasies are popping up in the underground depths of the city faster than the speed of light. BUT, the only way you find these speakeasies? You followed the jazz. You listened for the sound of the trumpet leaking its way from underground, out the door and up to the streets. Grab a fancy cocktail, set yourself down on a plush red velour couch, and admire the jazz musicians playing their soul out to everyone in the bar.

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We love Amsterdam! It's our home-base and where Your Little Black Book. Ontdek de leukste nieuwe hotspots, de beste restaurants, boetiekhotels en bijzondere concept stores in de Amsterdam City Guide van Your Little Black Book .

If you want something completely opposite of Zinc Bar, this is it. This Caribbean bar is characterized by vibrant colors, jolly bartenders, and pounding Caribbean jams. Be prepared to dance, people. This was my neighborhood spot, and yes- all the bartenders and even the chef- shout out to GP! It probably has something to do with the chic yet homey decor, smiling and extremely talented bartenders, and the amazing handcrafted apps. Oh, and the hand made cherries soaked in pure love.

Tell Alex and Tomas that Casie sent you there! Any night of the week, pianos is sure to kill. So there you have it! Skip to content Ok, everyone. Brooklyn Bars. Zinc Bar Close your eyes, and remove yourself from the 21st century.

Finish with a little fresh coriander. A can of chickpeas from the shelf.

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Green peas from the freezer. A store cupboard supper for a spring evening. Bring a pan of water to the boil.

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Drain and rinse the chickpeas. Cook the peas in boiling water till tender. Drain and refresh in a bowl of iced water. Rinse the mung beans and sprouted seeds in cold water and shake them dry. Make the dressing: beat together the tahini, lemon juice and olive oil. Warm the olive oil in a frying pan over a moderate heat, add the chickpeas and ground spices, and let them sizzle for a couple of minutes till hot and fragrant. Move the chickpeas around the pan as they brown. Drain the peas again and put them in a serving bowl with the mung beans and radish sprouts.

Fold in the dressing and, lastly, the chickpeas. Use frozen peas or a packet of fresh, podded peas from the supermarket. If you are podding fresh peas for this you will need a generous kilo. The point is to introduce as many differing textures as you can. Serves 2 carrots 2 large banana shallot 1 medium mirin 2 tbsp rice vinegar 6 tbsp tamari soy sauce 1 tbsp sushi rice g dried nori flakes 2 tsp tsukemono pickled vegetables 6 tsp. Scrub the carrots and slice them into rounds no thicker than a pound coin.

Put them into a sealable freezer bag.

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Peel the shallot, slice thinly, then add to the carrots. Pour the mirin, rice vinegar and soy into the bag and seal it tightly, then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, though it will keep in good condition for several days.

NYC Food and Drink Guide: My Little Black Book Revealed

Wash the rice in warm water, drain, then put it in a small, deep pan, cover with ml of cold water and soak for 30 minutes. Bring to the boil, lightly salt, then cover the pot tightly with a lid and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave to rest for another 10 minutes, then lift the lid and run a fork through the grains. It will be fluffy and sticky. Divide the rice between two deep bowls, then sprinkle with the nori flakes and spoon over some of the crisp pickles, the tsukemono and their juice.

I would be lost without my cast-iron griddle, with its well-worn, blackened furrows. You heat it up, slap on a few slices of aubergine, press them down on to the heat with a palette knife or a weight, then lift them off and dress with olive oil, lemon juice and crushed basil leaves.

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A slice of toast rubbed with garlic and crushed tomatoes, and you have lunch. The deep smoky notes, the delicious battle scars and the crisp edges all add to the appeal of cooking on the griddle. If I could only have one method with which to cook my food, it would be this. But an oven grill is useful, too. The bars of the grill do much for lumps of polenta and slices of halloumi, shavings of courgette and summer squash, and, most recently, halved little gem lettuces and wedges of spring cabbage.

The latter need a dressing of some sort, and I usually go for a lemony olive oil one or, better still, lowering the blackened leaves into a bowl of soup. Serves 4 fine polenta g parsley leaves 35g spring onions 3 oregano 8g.

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For the spinach sauce spinach g double cream ml grated parmesan 5 tbsp. Put ml of water on to boil, then, when it is fiercely bubbling, salt it generously and rain in the polenta, stirring as it falls. If you do this from a height, it will lessen the chances of the polenta forming lumps. Lower the heat so the polenta bubbles lazily and keep stirring regularly, getting right into the comers of the pan with your wooden spoon. Take care not to let the polenta scald you — it sends up volcano-like eruptions as it cooks.

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Continue cooking and stirring until the polenta is thick enough for the spoon to stand up in the pan. Roughly chop the parsley, spring onions and leaves from the oregano, and stir into the hot polenta. Leave to set. Wash the spinach and pile, still wet, into a pan with a lid.

The Official NYC Food & Drink Guide: My little black book UNLEASHED.

Steam for a minute or two, occasionally turning the spinach with kitchen tongs. Remove from the pan and squeeze any remaining water out. Empty, rinse and dry the pan, return to the heat, pour in the cream, stir in the spinach, then add the grated parmesan. Season with a little pepper and set aside. Using a 6cm cookie cutter or glass as a template, cut discs from the polenta.

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Heat a griddle pan over a moderate to high flame, place the discs on the hot bars of the griddle and leave until lightly crisp, then carefully turn with a palette knife and cook the other side. A frying pan was one of the first pieces of cookware I ever bought. I now have two: a thin, flat, non-stick pan I use for pancakes and the like, and a heavy, hard-wearing cast-iron version that has a non-stick surface built up from years of active service.

The cheaper non-stick pans come and go; the cast-iron pan will, I suspect, pretty much see me out. All manner of good things can shape up for dinner in a frying or saute pan, from a cake of sweet potato with crushed tomatoes, to bubble and squeak with watercress and dill.