Natural Beauty: The 5 Habits of Holistic Beauty

7 Holistic Beauty Rituals from Shailene Woodley You’ll Want to Steal
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But we can free ourselves by choosing to tell ourselves a different story about food and what it means to be healthy. This is such a huge paradigm shift on every level, I highly recommend reading the book. So make sure your bed is super comfy and luxurious, your bedroom is restful and clutter-free, and you have a way to block out all light, including the light from digital clocks.

In our culture, we get the idea that our wisdom resides in our brain. But for those of us of the feminine persuasion, there is so much wisdom in our womb area.


This is true whether or not you have a physical womb. You never have to be at the mercy of any person, place, or situation. You are always empowered to create positive change according to your will. When you remember this, you own your charisma and plug into the source of your radiance. Exercise not only keeps your body and brain youthful, it also keeps your aura buoyant and bright. It might be a bit of a challenge to get into the habit at first, but when you find the right thing and do it enough, it can become an addiction in the best possible way.

If I love something, I wear it.

When you dissolve 2 cups of epsom salt and drops of essential oil of lavender in a hot bath, it is so, so, so relaxing to the body and mind. It also moisturizes your skin and helps you sleep more deeply. So you might as well experience it as much as humanly possible, alone or with a partner. Non-sexual pleasure also counts: eating fresh pineapple, getting a massage, and literally stopping to smell the roses.

My 20 Best Magical and Holistic Beauty Tips

Lots and lots of good, clean water is the best beauty deal out there. It keeps your skin hydrated, cleanses your inner organs, and literally helps every aspect of your body function.

So invest in a water bottle you love it helps keep you motivated to drink , and find a method of water purification that works for you. When you keep your liver cleansed and your gut bacteria balanced, your mind and body will both love you for it. Your skin will glow, your digestion will flourish, and your moods will thrive. Non-dairy yogurt also works. Our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are powerful: if we feel and believe that our bodies are working as well or better as they always have, then they will absolutely do so.

Breathing deeply happens naturally when we simply bring our attention to our breath.

The Women of MG

And it nourishes your cells and helps your organs run properly, which in turn supports every aspect of your radiant health. Remind yourself to do this throughout the day.

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Just a short period of doing this can relax your muscles, open your heart, and bring you into the present moment, all of which activate the fullness of your natural attractiveness. You have to feel your passion. You have to speak your truth. You have to be bold and take risks. You have to love your life like your heart is on fire.

In conclusion: live beautifully, bring out your inner beauty, and enjoy the simple beauty of being alive. Did you try any of these holistic and magical beauty tips? What did you think? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. My favourite is No 1. I enjoy creating, I like writing stories and journalling and baking. Also No. I just love to click through all kinds of Youtube channels and keep discovering new faces and products. You too?

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In this…. Are you looking for a natural organic soap? How about one by Savon du Midi? Soaps have been making a comeback for a while — especially natural soaps. Of course, not all soaps are totally great, when it comes to the ingredients. Finally the time has come: Get ready for the last but not least 11 tips for growing long hair fast. Coconut oil is THE beauty hype of the past few years. Whether for the hair, the skin or the health.

It contains impressive nutrients and has a great consistency. It is usually solid at room temperature and only melts in your hands.


Stress has become a constant companion in the life of a lot of people, including mine. What kind of stress is bad? Not every kind of stress is automatically bad. Face masks are the key to beautiful and glowing skin.

They can penetrate, nourish and even detoxify the skin. Unfortunately, many conventional face masks contain allergenic substances, unnecessary chemicals and toxins. They are the most natural way to…. Finally summer has arrived! And with it plenty of wonderful beauty products for the most beautiful of all seasons. During summer my skin longs for light care, which is quickly absorbed and provides a lot of moisture.

I also look forward to vegan, organic face care with the right ingredients,…. September