Ordinary People Extraordinary Spirit

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The Spirit Turns Ordinary People into Extraordinary People

I am a first time author, married to Scott and I have a son called Jesse. My family means the world to me.

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In I realised, with help from two great teachers, Carol and George, that I had the ability of psychic art - a form of mediumship where spirit works through me to draw faces of loved ones who have departed. I live in Norfolk, England. Hardback version currently not available.

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Ordinary People Extraordinary Spirit - Kindle edition by Shawn Doyle, Lauren Anderson. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ miacomliterking.tk Ordinary People Extraordinary Spirit book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This is the brief account of two people who.

Eventually, after several years of not only receiving prayer, but also receiving the excellent training of CHM in how to pray, Kathi and I began to pray for healing for others. This was a big transition for me — to switch from someone who regularly received healing prayer to someone who prayed for others. The process was a slow and cautious one, as I did not and in many ways still do not feel worthy or prepared to serve as a prayer minister.

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CHM's schools are a wonderful and safe environment to learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit. As I learned and began praying for people, I saw the Holy Spirit consistently showing up and healing the prayer recipients. Today, after many years of praying for healing, it seems to me that the Lord is always present, usually heals at some level and is not influenced by my attitudes or efforts during the prayer sessions. I remember one encounter in Waterloo, Belgium, when Kathi and I joined a youth group to pray for a young man in his early 20's who did not have use of his arms or his legs, and had been in a wheelchair his entire life.

The room was dark and warm and there were probably fifteen people laying hands on the young man's shoulders and legs as he sat in his wheelchair.

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After twenty minutes, Kathi asked if he was experiencing anything unusual. He replied that he had a sensation in his legs for which he had no words to describe. Because he had never had any feeling in his legs, the sensations of touch and movement in his legs were both foreign concepts to him.

Kathi asked him if he wanted to try walking, to which he responded with a tentative "yes. The young people praying were astounded and euphoric and their iPhones flashed repeatedly while they recorded the miracle in front of them. The prayer ministers were untrained, ordinary teenagers.

Another time during a prayer session at a CHM conference in a nondescript hotel boardroom, a young woman received inner healing and was also delivered from years of demonic oppression that had, as far as we can tell, originated through severe wounding in her childhood.

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As we prayed with her over the course of two hours, she had an encounter with Jesus, during which time He not only set her free from her demonic oppressors but also healed parts of her mind — especially an overriding fear. Her transformation was visible, and the event brought Jesus' words to life for me: "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free…" Luke , NIV.

Ordinary People Extraordinary Spirit

Again, the Lord was present in that boardroom, and yet the prayer ministers were ordinary lay people. One of the most unlikely healings I have been privileged to see occurred with a colleague who, during a short impromptu prayer session, received a desire to repent from an addictive sinful habit that had been enslaving him for years.

cpanel.amosautomotive.com This was an amazing example of the Lord's healing through confession between believers, which James probably experienced himself before encouraging others to do the same see James Confession as a pathway to healing was a normal part of early church life and has remained relevant in varying degrees throughout church history, serving as a spark for many revivals and church movements. What I have been privileged to learn is that healing occurs, not by the strength or effort of the prayer ministers, but by the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit.

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Educational psychologist Sam Wineburg found that student and teacher perceptions of historical research are quite different than what historians actually do. Only after divisions within the movement and encountering continuing defeats did they change tactics in the s by introducing the suffrage parade and partnering with working women. Look for it at soundwisdom. Why is it significant and important? When you can't sleep because of worry It's easy to whistle a happy tune under a cloudless sky.

I've learned that every time we pray, something happens; the Lord responds to us, showing His personal love and care to both the prayer recipient and the prayer minister. I've learned that ordinary people, when led by the Holy Spirit, can participate in the extraordinary love of God.