Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket: Loves Survival Through Years of Deception

A Snowflake Manifesto
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It had a star-shaped cutout in the navel area showing her gem. She was also barefoot. Mom saw the beauty in everything! She really loved humans and all human stuff, and also plants and animals and everything on Earth, I think. And she really loved music, and she really loved Dad. Rose speaking to Steven through a recorded video in " Lion 3: Straight to Video ".

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A natural leader, Rose Quartz had a sensitive and loving personality. In " An Indirect Kiss ", she was described as feeling great sorrow when her beloved ones were hurt. She was said to see the beauty in everything "no matter how gross," showing that she treats everyone as equals. In " Ocean Gem ", Greg has stated that she enjoyed hard rock and roll, fitting in with this trait. Her capacity for empathy led her to establish the Rebellion and the Crystal Gems after exploring the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Rose Quartz

Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket: Love's Survival Through Years of Deception [ Barbara Jean Ruther] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket: Love's Survival Through Years of Deception - Kindle edition by Barbara Jean Ruther. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks.

According to Bismuth , Rose was an atypical kind of Gem ; choosing to be different and encouraged other Gems to be too, rather than living in accordance to her Gem Caste's values. Her doctrine was that Gems can take control of their own identities and that her race's limited display of individuality is a conviction forced upon them. In the same manner, Rose had shown displeasure towards the Gems' nature and traditions, becoming somber when reflecting on Gems' static, pre-destined existences in " Greg the Babysitter " and admitted that she never missed her old home in " Story for Steven ".

This discontent sparked her fascination in humans, who are always growing, changing and redefining themselves. She also described them as "funny" and "adorable. Despite her role in the Rebellion and its consequences, Rose had a curious, adventurous and fun-loving personality, greatly resembling that of her human son Steven. She was described by Pearl and Greg as someone who "always did what she wanted. However, she didn't understand what actually are humans for a long time, believing that human babies and adults are two different species at some point until she learnt otherwise.

Rose didn't fully comprehend the depths of human love in the early stages of her relationship with Greg, seeing that she was very confused when he tried to explain the concept of genuine affection. This led Pearl to initially believe that there wasn't much between them, confronting him with the idea that their "love" was only a phase and that his novelty would soon wear off. Seeing Rainbow Quartz gave Greg the idea to fuse with Rose, which he hoped would help them understand each other though it was a failure at the end, she started laughing at the thought in a way that he considered to be emotionally distant.

When asked to talk like a real person, she was quick to admit that she didn't have a real sense of humanity and had no idea how human love worked. The two began to talk, deepening their relationship, being assumed that she had learned from Greg how to be more 'human', in a sense.

There is another unexplored side of Rose's personality — the legends surrounding her paint her as a ruthlessly efficient warrior and leader who not only commanded her fellow Gems in the rebellion but also participated in the fighting personally. Both her allies and enemies remembered her as the one who shattered Pink Diamond. This side of her personality seems at odds with the all-loving side of her, perhaps reflecting how the beauty of Earth and its lifeforms greatly affected her.

It is worth noting that it was her compassion that leaded her to rebel to protect others, so this behavior isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. In " The Answer ", Rose was shown fighting alongside Pearl and cracks a cocky smile before destroying a Ruby fusion, suggesting an aggressive side to her personality. As implied in " Bismuth " though, she had a strong sense of righteousness even as a warrior, refusing to go to the extent of needlessly killing Gems to win the war against the Gem Homeworld.

She never told Pearl and Garnet the truth about their friend's fate to spare their feelings about her betrayal.

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Further examples of Rose's secretive side are shown in " Rose's Scabbard ", when Pearl learnt Rose didn't confide everything to her, including Lion or the fact that she kept meaningful things in his mane. Some actions support the idea that Rose's tendency to withhold or hide information may stem from a desire to protect those close to her.


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Though she technically never shattered Pink Diamond, Rose managed to be remembered as the responsible. She showed some ambivalence toward her role in the war; describing as "a good thing" that Greg knew little about her. The podcast states that she is a "gray" character and didn't represent "all things pure". Rose possessed standard Gem abilities, including bubbling , regeneration, and superhuman durability.

As she isn't truly a Rose Quartz, she possesses unique abilities those Gems don't have. She was highly proficient in combat. Her other abilities have been shown while she was in the form of Pink Diamond. At one point about 5, years prior to the events of the series, Rose led the Crystal Gems in a rebellious war against the Homeworld Gems on the Gem Battlefield and wins. Jasper states that although they fought on different sides, she respected the military tactics that Rose used during the war.

As revealed in "An Indirect Kiss", Rose had a spring filled with her magical healing tears to heal her allies. Many thousands of years later, the remaining Diamonds and her son Steven later reversed the corruption on most of the surviving Gems on Earth using the water of her Fountain in " Change Your Mind ". Pearl holding Rose's Battle Flag. The Crystal Gems often reminisce about Rose and express their gratitude for her actions. As seen in "Story for Steven", the Crystal Gems excluding Rose didn't wear stars on their outfits at the time that she met Greg.

This implies that the symbol may have been adopted as a sign of respect and grief for Rose after she gave up her physical form. Greg often laments over her departure with seemingly similar reasons. A portrait of Rose hangs over the doorway to the Beach House. While pregnant with Steven, knowing that she could never meet him personally, Rose made a video with the intent of posthumously expressing her love for him. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you. Steven looking at Rose's statue. Steven is Rose's son, whom she gave up her physical form for and inherited her gemstone.

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Save The Snowflakes - A Fairy Tale

Her characters are very human and easily related to. Saving Snowflakes in my Pocket is a wholly unique story, and will keep the reader turning the pages.

Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket

A very good read! I look forward to more work from this new author. October 24, - Published on Amazon. A thoroughly good read - a bit predictable, but a great escape with beautiful imagery. Nice book to curl up with in front of a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate!

Dirt Roads: Poetry and Memoirs

June 7, - Published on Amazon. I have attended a reading of this book recently, purchased the paperback version and am currently enjoying the read. Ruther is a sensitive and generous lady and her first literary attempt is truly enjoyable and riveting, her characters sensitive and their entwined lives heartbreakingly real-to-life. M Adkins.