The Adams Park Murders

The Adams Park Murders
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The motives did not seem to be rape or robbery, as the assailant took nothing from the scene and did not attempt to sexually assault the female victims. On March 12, some twenty eight days after the second attack, Diane Collins, age 20, was with her fiancee in Adams Park. They had seen a movie earlier that evening and were closing out their date there. The couple did not see the gunman as he drew near their vehicle.

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He shot six rounds in to the passenger side window, killing Collins. Her fiancee was wounded in the head, but survived. After the attack, he managed to drive the car to his home where he phoned for an ambulance.

Reported Annual Crime In Adams Park

Police had no answers to the puzzle of the Lovers Lane Killer. They felt that since there was a 27 day difference between the first and second shootings and a 28 day interval between the second and third, that it would be logical to stake out nearby parks 29 days after the third shooting.

1. Claude Adams Was Getting Evicted from His Home

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This would be April However, the gunman did not materialize. As the days and weeks passed, the assailant remained quiet.

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He seemed to have left the scene as quickly as he appeared, and noone ever heard from him again. Two years later in , police admitted that they had no leads or suspects in the case. The mystery of his identity and reason for his crimes has never been solved.

Mark Adams

So who was the Atlanta Lovers Lane Killer? Why did he strike? Was he planning his murders in intervals, 27, ?

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Why did he prey on victims in the park that seemed to be in love? Was he a rejected lover?

Adams Park, Atlanta, GA Crime

Frightened at being overheard, the gunmen confronted the students and ordered them to leave, as well to hand over any money or valuables they had in their pockets. When one of the boys, sixteen-year-old Michael Ridenour, refused, Adams shot him execution style, and Ridenour died instantly. Eventually all three gunmen were captured by California state troopers. Mark Adams was found guilty of grand theft and first-degree murder. For his brutalities, he was remanded to the maximum security San Quentin prison, which had gained the reputation as the most notorious prison in California after Alcatraz was decommissioned in , and houses such notorious criminals as Charles Manson.

Surprisingly, the regimented life of San Quentin seemed to have a positive effect on Adams. Prison guards recall Adams as never being in violation of the rules, and taking advantage of volunteer shops, academic classes, chapel services, or anything available that could get him out of his cell.

Mark Adams would have been considered eligible for parole in One afternoon in , he told a guard he had access to an area of the prison he normally was not allowed, showing authorization papers to meet with the dental officer. The guard, who normally did allow inmates safe passage in order to proceed to the infirmary, did not suspect anything out of the ordinary. Cody was just a friend of female Newport victim. Derek was upset over a relationship that his ex of 2 years was having, and this person wasnt even there.

Please, its insulting that you dont even have the decency to ask us what happened.

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Nicole, SA. As I did not know Nicole even existed until her email landed in my inbox, it was difficult for me to reach out. But in earlier posts I had described Bilotti as Adams' girlfriend at the time, so I do apologize for my forgetfulness. And insultingness. Veteran court reporter Larry Welborn further describes the love triangle square?

Adams is said to have had an on-again, off-again relationship with the woman in the Newport Beach apartment, and he was upset she and Mosher has spent the night together.

After Mosher was assaulted, he and the woman recruited Heintz to go with her to Murdy Park and retrieve the stolen cell phone from Adams, who had been sending menacing text messages from it, allegedly. The conviction on the counts of felony second degree murder, grand theft, first degree residential burglary, and aggravated assault, with a true finding on the sentencing enhancements for the personal discharge of a firearm causing great bodily injury and death and the personal use of a firearm, could sent the Huntington Beach year-old to state prison for up to 48 years to life.

A month earlier—Sept. She's looking at up to 35 years and four months to life in state prison with a conviction. OC Weekly Editor-in-Chief Matt Coker has been engaging, enraging and entertaining readers of newspapers, magazines and websites for decades.