The Other Side of Forever

Stuart Scott,Forever Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow
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We fear failure yet in the same sentence we fear success.

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We fear being alone yet we fear falling in love. We fear change yet we dislike what is at the present.

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The list goes on and affects every aspect of our lives, personal, professional, emotional and even physical. We are our own worst enemy! We refuse to take our circumstance into our own hands yet we complain about lack of abundance and unhappiness. I cannot even begin to explain my amazement when I actually realized that I am the only one that holds my fate in my hands.

Me, and only me! Fear is a natural part of life. Many of our fears stem from our childhood and upbringing, this is a whole different article however we often bury our fears and avoid facing them and their origins so much so, that they end up haunting us right into adulthood.


For Example, have you ever closed your eyes and envisioned yourself as a child living in your home. What was it like?

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How did you feel? What were your experiences like?

Were they happy? Filled with fear?

Echoes (Till We See the Other Side) by Hillsong United

Try this. See where your mind takes you. When I first performed this exercise the emotions that swelled up in me were enormous. Initially I didn't even understand why I went back to that particular experience but after closely analyzing them with the help of my mentor, I quickly began to peel back the layers and the results were fascinating. This single experience unlocked so much about myself that I was never able to tune into before. Because it was buried.

The other side of the bridge

We choose to bury events that are painful believing they are better left in the past however, if we don't deal with our feelings and emotions then we are neglecting ourselves and not allowing ourselves to grow. It's like being in a boxing ring blindfolded. You're chances at wining the fight are miniscule. Obviously I have continued down this road and have been able to expose several experiences from my childhood that have shaped me into the person I am today. I have been able to reveal the difference between my true beliefs and the beliefs I was taught and slowly change my way of thinking as well as my way of dealing with life's obstacles and situations.

It is so empowering to be able to take life into your own hands and not expect or rely on another person. It is so inspiring to know that I can achieve whatever I set my heart to and to believe that happiness is a choice. I used to wait for others to make me happy but now I focus on me, and everything else falls into place.

Making small changes everyday makes an immense difference in your life as a whole and the best part about it is Join me on my journey of self-discovery. I can't promise the journey will be smooth sailing all the time but I do promise it will be exciting! My message is this Whether it's personal happiness, professional success, abundance or love, it is within your reach.

Dig down deep within yourself and uncover the origins of your fears.

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Face them head on and understand them. Once you acknowledge your fears you destroy their abilities to control your life and you just may uncover your best life ever! Face your fears and you'll be free forever.

The Other Side

Visit The Chatter Boxx to read more articles by this author. US Edition U. News U. Where will it End? A sizable cult has been growing around Frank No one else in radio is doing what Frank does.

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The Other Side Forever is the story of a cultural purist as she aims to uncover the off-beat places and unique cultural experiences this world has to offer. Other Side of Forever book. Read 40 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Seventeen-year-old Allie Anderson's telekinetic powers are an.

What he has done is hypnotic, psychotic, neurotic, sad, terrifying, and some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard anywhere. I can't think of another radio performer who has come close to achieving this kind of alchemy.

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If a microphone could capture the nether recesses of the modern psyche, it would sound like Frank's absurd comical excursions: Radio Vertigo. He's created a sound and style for himself - a complete aesthetic that's entirely his own. I first heard him when I was 19 and it changed everything for me. His work demonstrated the intensity and emotion that the medium is capable of; ingenious…fantastic.