The Story of Coco Bear, the Diabetic Bear (Childrens Health Collection)

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Lucky came to his new mom in PA with a host of medical issues; heartworm, allergies, cryptorchid, and lameness in his hind leg. Today Lucky was neutered, and had abdominal surgery for remove an undescended testicle cryptorchidism. Dogs with a retained testicle are more likely to develop a testicular tumor cancer in the retained testicle.

The diagnosis, old fracture of fermoral neck, trauma to knee - degeneration, hock hyperextends due to chronic lameness from injury. If in the 3 - 6 months of recovery and physical therapy, there is no improvement, then the leg will need amputation. Sonya came to us for help with vaccinations, and what her mom believed was a upper respiratory infection, as she has been sneezing quite a bit for the past month or so.

Come to find out, Sonya has also been drinking and urinating a lot, and constantly wants to eat. At the same time as all of the eating, she has gotten "bony". Sonya was seen by our partner vet today, she had her vaccinations, blood work and a thyroid test. All is well with blood work, her thyroid values are through the roof. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and was prescribed transdermal methimazole, along with meds for her sneezing. Now maybe mom can get some rest from the constant begging for food, and raids on the kitchen cabinets! Pepper, who was recently adopted, was in need of heartworm meds and flea and tick preventive, which was provided by a veterinary care assistance grant from Sam's Hope.

Yes, he is a big boy indeed!

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Rocky, the beloved dog of one of our homebound elderly clients, hasn't seen a vet in quite a few years. Today our partner vet treated Rocky to vaccinations and some TLC for his chronic ear infections. Jerimiah is an extremely aggressive cat; he hisses, spits and growls at the sight of anyone but mom. Thankfully he loves his mom, though she is very limited on how much she can handle him, thus the predicament with his severely matted hair. Today he was seen by our partner vet, sedated, vaccinated and shaved down almost to the skin. Yes, the mats were that bad.

Our vet has never seen anything like it before; nor has he encountered a cat with such attitude! A few hours later, after being freed from the painful mats, he went home to rejoin his mom; hopefully happier and more comfortable. A visit to our partner vet, which revealed a urinary tract infection and obstruction, landed Palomo in the veterinary hospital for three days. Yesterday he was released from the hospital and is now happily back home with his mom and sister, Angel. She has elevated WBC and Globulin, per her testing prior to coming to us.

She was seen by our partner vet today, given fluids, injections and additional blood work. We will have the results tomorrow. Though not a definitive diagnosis, with the symptoms she presented, our partner vet was certain it was Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a fatal disease.


Rest in peace, precious girl. Today Lucky received his first round of heartworm treatment; he will spend the night at the hospital and the second round will be adminstered tomorrow morning. The treating veterinarian reports that Lucky has shown no ill-effects from treatment so far, and expects that Lucky's heart and lung tissue will return to normal a few months post treatment. Hayden injured her right hind leg a few days ago, and was in obvious pain. Her mom, unable to afford medical treatment for her beloved dog, reached out to us for help.

Hayden was seen by our partner vet; she believes the injury was caused by either the knee popping out or a sprained hip. An anti-inflammatory and pain meds were prescribed, along with 2 weeks of rest.

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When we checked in with her mom the following morning, she told us Hayden was already feeling better; that is the good news we always like to hear! Jiro, his shelter name, was timestamped to be euthanized by the end of the day at Glynn County Animal Control in Georgia.


With the clock ticking and just 2 short hours remaining, his savior, a senior citizen in PA, saw his photo, fell in love and said she would adopt him. Prior to adoption, it was disclosed that Lucky was receiving treatment for heartworm since February But as luck would have it, Lucky came to Linda with a host of issues; lameness in his back leg, not neutered, cryptochid, skin problems and still heartworm positive. Linda, a low-income senior facing forclosure on her home, and unable to afford her medication, let alone treatment for Lucky, was between a rock in a hard place.

But the rescue promised they would provide for all of Lucky's medical needs, and she believed them. After months of unreturned phone calls to the rescue, Linda was resigned to the fact that there was no help for her beloved dog, and wondered, if after saving him from euthanisia in Georgia, if that would end up being his fate in Pennsylvania.

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Lucky was seen by our partner vet for an exam; he needs x-rays to deterimine what is wrong with his back leg, he needs to be treated for heartworm, and is in need of adominal surgery to remove the retained testicle, and neutered. Gizmo is a diabetic kitty who has been in remission for quite some time. A few months ago, he started vomiting regularly and his mom became concerned that something was seriously wrong. Unfortunately, the pair recently lost their home and mom cannot afford the costs involved with providing veterinary care.

Gizmo was seen by our partner vet for an exam, urinalysis and senior blood panel; keeping our fingers crossed that the results are good! She stopped, scooped up the tiny ball of fur, took her home and named her Chewy.

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When she took little Chewy to the vet for a check-up, testing and vaccinations, she was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and the vet recommended that she not be spayed as she could die from the anesthesia. Fast forward 5 years later.

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Please check the official list before eating something. He graduates in May so now I will try to play catch-up with my retirement funds. Goal is debt-free! Sometimes we take this important topic for granted. Retrieved 11 May

Shortly following her last heat a few weeks ago, Jean noticed that Chewy had a strange discharge and that she was acting differently. Not knowing what to think, she took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with Pyometra. The vet told her that surgery must be performed immediately, or the cat would die. Jean tried to work out payments with the vet, but he refused to help her. In despair, she headed home with her beloved Chewy, to find help to save her life. Today the sweet little 6 lb. Thanks to our wonderful partner vet with the skilled and blessed hands, Chewy came through the surgery with no problems, and has now been reunited with her mom.

Shortly after completing her heat cycle a few weeks ago, Roxy fell ill. She stopped eating, developed a discharge of pus, and a swollen abdomen. On Saturday, Roxy was seen by our partner vet and had emergency, life-saving surgery. She would have not made it to see another day without the surgery. We checked in with Roxy's mom a few days post surgery. She is doing well, though still a bit wobbly, but her appetite is back and she is on her way to a full recovery.

Want to know how you can prevent Pyometra? Have your female pet spayed at an early age. Another compelling reason to spay your pets!

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Little Jacob got himself into a very sticky and life-threatening situation when he ate a bottle of Gorilla Glue. A few days after ingesting the glue, he started vomiting and could not defecate. An x-ray showed a mass of glue in his stomach that had to be removed or he would die. He was rushed in to emergency surgery, and the glue was completely removed. He will need to stay in the hospital an extra night due to stomach ulceration cause by the glue. Fiero has been having a rough go of it the past 6 weeks; his seasonal allergies are acting up in a big way, he has been anorexic, lethargic and not wanting to play, which is very unlike him.

He was also due for his vaccinations. Fiero was seen by our partner vet today; he had to be sedated prior to being examined as he tends to be aggressive with strangers. Once he was knocked out, blood was drawn, vaccinations adminstered and temperature was taken.

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The Story of Coco Bear, the Diabetic Bear (Children's Health Collection) - Kindle edition by Ginette Legendre. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Subject matter of this tale: Diabetes The Children's Health Collection presents fun stories that are wonderful tools for information and references on specific.

Chemistry showed all values within the normal range, CBC will be back from the lab tomorrow. Fiero was prescribed Cephalexin for skin infection, Apoqel for itching, and Bravecto tablets for fleas. Last week, having finished her heat cycle 2 weeks prior, Lily's mom came home to find her bleeding profusely. She had no appetite and she would not drink.

Lily was rushed to the hospital as an emergency; an ultrasound confirmed Pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus which must be treated quickly and aggressively, then rushed into surgery.

“The Tolenskys” - T1D: You Don’t Know the Half of It.

She is doing well, and will be returning to her family in the morning. When Jake was adopted 2 years ago, he had a small growth near his left eye, which has since grown significantly and required attention. Today Jake had surgery to have the growth removed; his mom reports he is doing well and thrilled to be back home with his family. Poor Coco suffers from frequent UTI's.